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City of Tiffin announces completion of South River Road Trail Overlook Project




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Tiffin, Ohio — The City Engineer’s Office has announced the successful completion of the South River Road Trail Overlook project, a significant initiative aimed at enhancing pedestrian safety and bolstering Tiffin’s trail system.

The project, carried out in two phases, culminated in the creation of a picturesque destination that not only showcases the Sandusky Scenic River but also fosters economic development and improves the city’s overall quality of life.

The South River Road Trail Overlook project involved a series of critical steps to ensure its success. These measures included the removal of trees, the replacement of a failing railing and concrete pad, and the installation of a new pad with a sleek and decorative steel cable railing. Additionally, extensive grading work was undertaken to ensure the area’s optimal usability.

Matt Watson, the City Engineer, expressed his satisfaction with the completion of the project and its numerous benefits. “This continued investment towards the city’s trail system will continue to develop another destination within our community which further promotes the Sandusky Scenic River while also benefiting economic development and quality of life,” said Watson.

The first phase of the project, initiated in 2020, saw the construction of a cul-de-sac on South River Road and the conversion of the northern section of the roadway into a pedestrian-friendly trail. This strategic move ensures a safer route for students attending Tiffin Middle School, reducing risks associated with traffic and enhancing the overall walking experience.

Moreover, the South River Road Trail Overlook project addresses significant concerns related to illegal activity in the area and mitigates the potential costs of future road maintenance. The location’s susceptibility to flooding made this endeavor all the more crucial, safeguarding both public safety and financial resources.

City Engineer Matt Watson extended his gratitude to the entities that played pivotal roles in the project’s success. “This project would not have been possible without the support of the Public Works Department, Clouse Construction Corporation, the Tiffin Community Foundation and R Investments LLC,” he acknowledged.

In response to the increased foot traffic expected at the new overlook, the Tiffin City Council recently passed legislation authorizing the installation of two street lights. These lights will be affixed to existing American Electric Power (AEP) poles in the vicinity, illuminating the area and ensuring the safety of visitors, especially during evening hours.

As the project nears completion, the City Administration is actively coordinating the installation of the new lighting to complement the trail’s overall accessibility and attractiveness.

With the South River Road Trail Overlook project coming to fruition, Tiffin residents can look forward to a welcoming space that highlights the city’s natural splendor, encourages active transportation, and fosters community engagement.

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