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Tiffin Police Department revives bicycle unit to enhance patrol operations




Photo Credit: Tiffin Police Department / Facebook

Tiffin, Ohio — The Tiffin Police Department has recently announced the revival of its Police Bicycle Unit, aiming to bolster patrol operations and improve crime-fighting capabilities within the city. After a hiatus since 2010, the updated version of the Bike Unit is set to become an integral part of law enforcement efforts in Tiffin.

Originally established in 1998, the Tiffin PD Bicycle Unit is making a return as an effective tool in combating crime. The department expressed enthusiasm over the reintroduction of the unit, recognizing its potential to enhance the overall safety and security of the community.

One of the notable advantages of bicycle patrol is its agility in navigating swiftly through urban environments, easily maneuvering around obstacles and hazards that would impede traditional patrol vehicles. This allows officers on bicycles to swiftly respond to incidents and maintain a visible presence in areas that may be challenging to access by other means.

Furthermore, the Bicycle Unit demonstrates unparalleled effectiveness in crowd management during events. By enabling officers to seamlessly integrate into dense crowds, the unit ensures quick deployment to various areas when needed. This proximity to the community facilitates prompt response times and fosters positive interactions between law enforcement and the public.

To ensure the highest level of proficiency, Officer Cadin Emshoff and Officer Chris Perry recently completed a rigorous training course and received certification from the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA). The comprehensive training went beyond basic cycling skills, encompassing specialized techniques such as stair navigation, bike safety, maintenance, crowd control, and the ability to maneuver bikes at walking speeds among densely populated areas.

The reintroduction of the Police Bicycle Unit marks a significant addition to the Tiffin Police Department’s patrol operations, serving as an effective crime deterrent and aiding in the swift apprehension of offenders.

Chief David Pauly expressed his satisfaction with the updated version of the Bike Unit, acknowledging its potential to enhance public safety and further strengthen the department’s commitment to serving the community.

As the Tiffin Police Department embraces this innovative approach to law enforcement, residents can expect increased visibility of officers on bicycles, fostering a stronger bond between the police and the community they serve.

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