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TCS, Calvert come together to plan football double header




Frost-Kalnow Stadium. (Tiffin City Schools)

Tiffin, Ohio — Tiffin City Schools (TCS) and Calvert High School have successfully resolved a scheduling conflict for the upcoming football season.

Both schools’ varsity football teams were inadvertently slated to play their games at Frost-Kalnow Stadium on September 29th, coinciding with the same time slot. This presented a challenge as the Tornadoes were set to face off against Clyde, a highly anticipated annual matchup for fans, while Calvert had its homecoming game scheduled—an especially significant event this year, commemorating Calvert’s 100th year of Catholic education in the Tiffin community.

Rather than relocating or rescheduling the Tornadoes’ game, TCS and Calvert proactively collaborated to devise a double header solution. The TCS team will kick off their game at 4:30 p.m., followed by Calvert’s match at 8:00 p.m. This cooperative arrangement has been hailed by TCS Superintendent Ben Richards as a prime example of the two schools, who have occasionally been considered rivals in the past, coming together for the greater good.

“Tiffin City and Calvert had a great time together this year when we had the Strike Out Cancer baseball and softball games. This is just another way we can work together and it’s a good solution for both schools,” said TCS Athletic Director Brad Scheiber.

The cooperative effort between TCS and Calvert not only showcases their ability to navigate challenges but also underscores their commitment to fostering a spirit of unity within the local educational community. By finding a mutually beneficial resolution, the two schools exemplify the power of cooperation and goodwill.

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