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Slice of Seneca County Pizza and Geocaching Trail launches on June 17




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Tiffin, Ohio — Destination Seneca County and the Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce have recently unveiled the official launch date for the highly anticipated Slice of Seneca County Pizza and Geocaching Trail.

Starting on June 17, residents and visitors alike will have the opportunity to embark on a culinary adventure, exploring the county one slice at a time while enjoying the excitement of geocaching.

The Slice of Seneca County Pizza and Geocaching Trail offers participants the chance to savor delicious pizza from six different eateries, with enticing rewards awaiting those who complete the trail. Pizza lovers can either support the featured pizza establishments to redeem a coveted Slice of Seneca County t-shirt or embark on an adventurous quest to locate 19 pizza-themed geocaches, earning themselves a limited-edition and trackable two-piece geocaching coin.

Destination Seneca County has once again teamed up with Geocachers Anonymous, a dedicated group of geocaching enthusiasts in Northwest Ohio, to bring this unique experience to life. Building on the success of their first geocaching trail launched in September 2021, which attracted over 200 geocachers who collectively traveled more than 20,000 miles to complete it, the Slice of Seneca County Geocaching Trail promises to be an exciting journey for participants.

For those unfamiliar with geocaching, it is an outdoor treasure hunt activity that utilizes a Global Positioning System (GPS) and online clues to guide participants in locating hidden containers, known as caches. The combination of pizza indulgence and geocaching adds a thrilling twist to this engaging experience, encouraging exploration and discovery within Seneca County’s picturesque surroundings.

The Slice of Seneca County Pizza and Geocaching Trail encompasses a range of participating locations, each offering their own unique pizza creations. Pizza enthusiasts can delight in the flavors of Smitty’s Pizza and VC Attica Cameo in Attica, Sauber’s Stumble Inn in Bascom, Domino’s Pizza, Fostoria Pizza Palace, Marco’s Pizza, and Red’s Pizza in Fostoria, Big C’s Smokehouse & Pizza in Green Springs, Left Field in New Riegel, Fat Head’s Family Restaurant in Republic, and Domino’s Pizza, Fort Ball Pizza Palace North and South, Heavenly Pizza, Jac & Do’s Pizza, Marco’s Pizza, Napoli Pizza, Reino’s Pizza & Pasta, and VC Tiffin Cameo in Tiffin.

To participate in the trail, individuals can download and print passports from the official website,, or obtain them from the front desk of Hampton Inn of Tiffin, starting from the launch date.

To claim the geocaching coin and/or t-shirt, all completed passports must be submitted at the Hampton Inn of Tiffin. As an additional incentive, participants who turn in their completed passports will receive a 25% discount on a room stay that night at the Hampton Inn, subject to availability.

The Slice of Seneca County Pizza and Geocaching Trail promises a delectable journey through the diverse pizza offerings of the region, coupled with the excitement of geocaching. Whether one chooses to embark on the pizza portion, the geocaching adventure, or both, this unique experience is sure to satisfy the taste buds and ignite the spirit of exploration.

For more information on the trail and to stay updated on future announcements, visit

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