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Seneca County Juvenile and Probate Court receives technology grant from Ohio Supreme Court




File Photo: Seneca County Joint Justice Center

Tiffin, Ohio — The Seneca County Juvenile and Probate Court, under the leadership of Judge Jay Meyer, has been awarded the prestigious 2023 Technology Grant by the Supreme Court of Ohio. The grant, totaling $105,522, will contribute to the court’s ongoing efforts to enhance its technological infrastructure and improve public access to judicial services.

Chief Justice Sharon L. Kennedy expressed her enthusiasm for the impact of advanced technology on court proceedings, stating, “Through enhanced technology, our courts can serve the public more securely, efficiently, and transparently. Whether the grant involves security systems in a courthouse or facilitates an implementation of e-filing, we trust that our grants will improve access to justice for all Ohioans.”

The Juvenile and Probate Court plans to allocate the grant funds towards a comprehensive upgrade of its Case Management System, which will modernize court operations and streamline public access to essential services. The upgraded system will introduce various features, including e-filing, electronic signature capabilities, and automated billing processes. Additionally, it will significantly enhance operational efficiencies, offering a faster user interface, seamless transition between case types, and a reduction in duplicate input from the court clerks. The system upgrade will also introduce customer service improvements such as online payment options, online marriage applications, and text message notifications. These enhancements will not only heighten security but also increase productivity and improve the overall experience for the community.

Judge Jay Meyer expressed gratitude for the significant grant and highlighted the court’s commitment to utilizing the funds responsibly. He stated, “We are so honored and grateful to the Supreme Court of Ohio for awarding the Seneca County Juvenile and Probate Court such a significant grant to support a technology upgrade in both Courts. I am confident that these much-needed improvements will help us better serve our community and increase their access to our services. We will be good stewards of these funds and ensure that they are used in the most efficient and effective way possible. My Court team will work hard to ensure that we implement these new tools and capabilities as swiftly as possible so that our community can experience the fast and convenient access to our Courts that they deserve.”

The implementation of the technology upgrade is set to commence immediately, with an anticipated completion, installation, operation, and active use within the next twelve months.

The Supreme Court of Ohio, in total, will be awarding $2.9 million to 42 local court projects for technology systems or upgrades this year. The grants cover a wide range of initiatives, from electronic dockets to security systems. The availability of these grants is significant as the initial costs of major technology upgrades can pose substantial challenges. The Supreme Court grants alleviate some of the financial burden, promoting technological advancements across Ohio’s appellate, common pleas, municipal, and county courts. The selection process for the grants is highly competitive, with applications thoroughly reviewed before final decisions are made.

For a complete list of grant recipients and additional information, please visit the Supreme Court of Ohio’s official website at this link.

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