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Tiffin University announces retirement of 3 employees




From left: Frances Ford-Hamilton, Steven Hurwitz, and Thomas Debbink. (Contributed Photos)

Tiffin, Ohio — Tiffin University has announced the retirement of three of its esteemed faculty members, Dr. Thomas Debbink, Ms. Frances Ford-Hamilton, and Dr. Steven Hurwitz. The three have served the university for a combined total of 61 years.

Dr. Debbink, who has been with Tiffin University for 21 years, will retire from his position as Professor of Management within the School of Business.

Ms. Ford-Hamilton, who has been with the university for 11 years, will retire from her position as Nurse Practitioner within the TU Health Services Clinic.

Dr. Hurwitz, who has been with Tiffin University for 29 years, will retire from his position as Professor of Psychology and Criminal Justice within the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences.

In recognition of their dedicated tenure, Dr. Debbink and Dr. Hurwitz have been awarded the title of Faculty Emeritus by the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Peter J. Holbrook, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, expressed his appreciation for the contributions of the retiring faculty members: “The presence of these three will be sorely missed, as they have done so much to enrich the lives of our students and campus community as a whole. Though their journeys with us are coming to an end, which is a bittersweet thing, we are forever changed because of their commitments to excellence.”

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