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Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce to launch Lemonade Day in Tiffin




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Tiffin, Ohio — The Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with Croghan Colonial Bank to introduce Lemonade Day to the Tiffin community in 2023. This collaboration marks Tiffin as the second Ohio town to participate in the renowned youth entrepreneurship program.

Lemonade Day is a globally recognized initiative that empowers young individuals with leadership and business skills through the establishment of lemonade stands. Since its inception in 2007, Lemonade Day has engaged over 1.5 million kids, offering them a hands-on experience in entrepreneurship and experiential learning. The program’s participants have collectively generated an astounding $352.5 million in sales, with $270 million in profit and $142.5 million in donations.

Nicole Cassier-Mason, the chief executive officer of Lemonade Day National, emphasized the program’s comprehensive approach to nurturing youth potential and fostering talent. “Lemonade Day has developed a playbook to unlock youth potential and talent through opportunity creation. Our program is infused with life skills, business and financial literacy, character education, career exploration, and mentorship,” Cassier-Mason stated. She further highlighted the program’s ability to instill 21st-century skills, enhance self-esteem, provide social-emotional learning, and ignite innovative thinking, thus paving the way for youth success and preparing them for their future endeavors.

Gwen Stallard, AVP Area Manager with Croghan Colonial Bank, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership. “Croghan Colonial Bank is proud to support and invest in the empowerment of our future community leaders through Lemonade Day. The national program has had a strong track record of success, and we can’t wait to see the impact it has on the Tiffin community,” Stallard remarked.

During Lemonade Day, children will operate their lemonade stands under the guidance of one or more caring adults who serve as youth mentors. These aspiring young business owners will strategically position their stands in schools, parks, neighborhoods, places of worship, retail centers, marketplaces, and other public spaces to maximize their sales opportunities.

Through Lemonade Day, participants will learn vital skills such as setting goals, developing business plans, pitching their ideas to secure investments, employing creativity in branding and marketing, and putting their plans into action to achieve their dreams. Additionally, they will be encouraged to allocate a portion of their earnings for personal use, save a portion by opening a bank account, and donate a portion to a charity.

The Lemonade Day program in Tiffin will culminate with a two-day event on August 5 and 6, during which participants will have the opportunity to set up their lemonade stands. Those interested in registering for the program can do so online at

Upon registration, children will gain access to the Lemonade Day curriculum, comprising lessons on creating budgets, establishing profit-making goals, delivering exceptional customer service, engaging with potential investors, and giving back to the community. Participants can conveniently access the curriculum via the interactive Lemonade app, which is highly encouraged, or they may collect a physical workbook from the Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce office located at 96 South Washington Street, Suite B in Tiffin.

Lemonade Day promises to be an exciting endeavor, empowering young minds in Tiffin with invaluable entrepreneurial skills and fostering a spirit of creativity, innovation, and community engagement.

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