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Seneca County General Health District entrance, parking lot now open




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Tiffin, Ohio — The extensive renovation project at the Seneca County Services Building is reaching its final stages, and county residents can now access the health department through the newly completed entrance on the East Perry Street side. Additionally, the previously closed parking lot is now available for use.

According to John Logsdon, the Seneca County Building and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor, the construction of the new Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant entrance to the Seneca County General Health District, along with the corresponding parking lot, has been successfully finished. The health department’s new address is now 92 E. Perry St, although the entrance remains in the same location, connected to the County Services Building on the East Perry Street side.

While some work is still ongoing at the back of the building, residents eager to visit the health department are encouraged to utilize the newly established entrance and the freshly repaved parking lot. This project not only focuses on the structural enhancements but also ensures compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, making the office more accessible for individuals who may have encountered difficulties finding it in the past.

“Even though it’s a big project, I feel it was worth investing in to ensure that the wall will stand well into the future. It’s also a plus to bring the building up to Americans with Disabilities Act compliance and to improve the entrance to an office that can sometimes be difficult to find for some folks,” Logsdon said.

The contract for the renovation project was awarded to Studer-Obringer of New Washington in 2022. Prior to their involvement, DLZ Architects had collaborated with the county on the project since June 2019, initiating the early stages of the renovation.

The Seneca County Services Building renovation project marks a substantial investment in infrastructure and accessibility. With the completion of the Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant entrance and the reopening of the parking lot, residents can now easily access the Seneca County General Health District.

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