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Seneca County Commissioners honor local citizen for attendance, receive 4-H update




From left: Commissioner Anthony Paradiso, Commissioner Tyler Shuff, local resident Tom Breidenbach, and Commissioner Bill Frankart. (Contributed Photo)

Tiffin, Ohio — The Seneca County Board of Commissioners recognized a local resident, Tom Breidenbach, for his exemplary attendance at commissioners’ board meetings on Thursday morning.

Commissioner Tyler Shuff read a commendation letter and presented Breidenbach with a Seneca County Commissioners mug as a token of appreciation for his dedication to engaging with local government.

In the letter, Breidenbach was thanked for his commitment to the Seneca County community and his regular attendance at meetings, which was noted as a testament to his engagement and commitment to keeping informed on the county’s activities. The commendation also acknowledged Breidenbach’s work as a county employee and volunteer, where he worked to maintain and beautify the county cemetery.

The commissioners expressed their gratitude to Breidenbach and explained that he serves as a great example of active citizenship and getting involved in the county. The commissioners value transparency and accessibility, and Breidenbach’s regular attendance at meetings exemplifies these values.

4-H Update from OSU Extension Office

In other business, the commissioners heard an update from Katie Cole, the 4-H Educator for the Ohio State University Extension Office. Cole reported that the 4-H Clubs in the county have about 935 youth members and 140 adult volunteers. She also shared that the annual 4-H kickoff event is scheduled for Friday at the Seneca County Fairgrounds. The event is open to students or adults interested in learning more about or becoming involved with 4-H.

The event is expected to include various games for children to play, and refreshments will be available. Cole explained that the event provides an opportunity for the community to learn more about the 4-H program and how to become involved.

Promotion of Barb Patterson to County Administrator/Clerk to the Board

After a brief executive session, the commissioners agreed to promote Barb Patterson from Fiscal Clerk to County Administrator/Clerk to the Board. Commissioner Anthony Paradiso noted that Patterson had worked closely with outgoing administrator Jaime Wolfe and believed that she would bring great continuity to the office.

Commissioner Bill Frankart praised Patterson for her fiscal responsibility and expressed his enthusiasm for working with her. Patterson, who has about five years of experience at the Seneca County Auditor’s Office and about 25 years in the private sector, said she was excited about the opportunity to work with everyone in the county. She will officially assume the role on May 12.

Letters to State Officials

Lastly, the commissioners discussed two letters they are sending to state officials. The first letter is in support of Vanguard-Sentinel’s grant application for funding to help launch their EMS/fire training program. The second letter is to Governor Mike DeWine’s office, urging him to re-establish the Ohio Water and Sewer Rotary Loan Program, which would promote economic development by improving the ability to construct water and sewer infrastructure.

In new business, the commissioners approved:

  • A supplemental appropriation to the General Fund of $41,175 for contract services.
  • A supplemental appropriation to the Unclaimed Money Trust Fund of $4,867.54.
  • A supplemental appropriation to the BJA Grant of $62,500 for contract services.

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