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Ohio GeoClash & Festival to kick off in Seneca County




Marisa Stephens and Bryce Riggs with Destination Seneca County pose with the Ohio GeoClash & Festival banner with Ian Lengel, President of the Ohio Geocaching Association. (Contributed Photo)

Tiffin, Ohio — The 2023 Ohio GeoClash & Festival, an annual event organized by the Ohio Geocaching Association in collaboration with local communities, has announced Seneca County as this year’s host. The festival is scheduled to take place from May 31 through June 4.

The Ohio Geocaching Association, a non-profit member-led organization, aims to promote geocaching within the State of Ohio and beyond. The association’s mission centers around enriching the experiences of geocachers by creating unique opportunities, events, trails, and activities. With a focus on inclusivity and land stewardship, the association strives to make geocaching accessible to all enthusiasts.

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt that combines the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) and online clues to guide participants in locating hidden containers, known as caches.

Seneca County, in collaboration with Geocachers Anonymous, introduced the region’s first geocaching trail in September 2021. Since its launch, over 200 geocachers have successfully completed the trail, collectively traveling more than 20,000 miles to explore Seneca County’s geocaching offerings.

As Seneca County prepares to host the Ohio GeoClash & Festival, the community is advised to be mindful of the increased presence of geocachers in the area. Throughout the week-long event, more than 500 geocachers are expected to converge on the host community, embarking on geocaching adventures and discovering hidden locations.

Although geocaching is a harmless and family-friendly activity, unfamiliarity with the game may lead some individuals to misconstrue the geocachers’ actions as suspicious. It is important for residents to understand the nature of the event and its positive impact on the community, according to the event organizers.

For a detailed schedule of the Ohio GeoClash & Festival events, please visit the official website at

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