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Lawsuit aims to hold driver accountable for car accident that claimed deputy’s life




Daniel Kin. (Photo courtesy Bringman Clark & Shields Funeral Home)

Columbus, Ohio — Erin Kin, the authorized administrator of The Estate of Daniel Kin, has taken legal action by filing a lawsuit against Steven Seth Short.

The lawsuit aims to seek justice and accountability for the tragic car crash that claimed the life of Deputy Daniel Kin. Filed in Franklin County, the lawsuit holds Short responsible for the alleged negligence that led to the untimely death of Daniel Kin and the subsequent damages suffered by his family. The legal representation for the lawsuit is being provided by Jedidiah Bressman at Bressman Law.

“Police officers, just like the rest of us, deserve to be protected,” Bressman said in a press release. “Defendant Short has failed to take accountability for his actions.”

According to the lawsuit, on or about December 15, 2022, Deputy Daniel Kin was carrying out his duties as a deputy for the Wyandot County Sheriff’s office, transporting an inmate in a sheriff’s vehicle on Route 104 in Pickaway County, Ohio. Tragically, the vehicle operated by Daniel Kin was struck by defendant Steven Short’s motor vehicle, resulting in severe injuries and subsequent pain for Daniel Kin. Despite the efforts of medical professionals, Daniel Kin passed away.

The lawsuit alleges that the negligence of Short directly and proximately caused the collision and subsequent death of Daniel Kin. The complaint highlights the intense pain endured by Daniel Kin during treatment and his transportation to the hospital, citing it as a direct result of Short’s alleged negligence.

Left behind in the wake of this devastating loss are Daniel Kin’s wife, Erin Kin, and their two children. The lawsuit emphasizes that the alleged negligence of Short has caused immeasurable emotional suffering and significant financial burdens for Daniel Kin’s surviving family.

Erin Kin is seeking damages exceeding $500,000, reflecting the injuries and losses suffered as a direct and proximate result of Short’s alleged negligence. Although the exact financial extent of the damages cannot be specified at this time, the lawsuit underscores the significant impact it has had on the family’s livelihood.

Erin Kin and her legal team are determined to pursue justice and accountability in this matter. They hope that this lawsuit will not only provide closure for their family but also serve as a reminder of the importance of responsible driving, the release states.

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