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Mark Repp threw me in jail for standing up for myself. Don’t vote for him as judge




Mark Repp, the former judge of Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court. (Photo Credit: Seneca County Commissioners / Facebook)

I am Alexzandria Orta. I am the woman you have read about. I am the woman Mark Repp threw in jail.

I did nothing wrong. I had committed no crime. I was not drunk. I was not high. I was polite and respectful.

I stood up for myself. And for that, Mark Repp put me in jail. Some of you think there is more to this story. There is no more. This is what happened – plain, simple, and true. Repp made fun of me. He ridiculed me and made jokes about my family. He abused me. He took me away from my children.

Mark Repp has told others that he has apologized. He hasn’t apologized. Not to me. And I don’t believe he is sorry for what he did. I think he enjoyed it.

Mark Repp is running for judge again. He was not a good judge. He was not fair. He was not honest. He did not protect my rights. He lied about me. And I believe he will do it again to someone else.

Please do not vote for Mark Repp.

– Alexzandria Orta

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