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Aqua Ohio to continue water main flushing in Tiffin service area




Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Tiffin, Ohio — Aqua Ohio’s Tiffin Division has announced that it will conduct water main flushing in the Tiffin service area from April 17 to April 21. The flushing, which will occur between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., is an important part of Aqua’s regular maintenance program.

It ensures that hydrants and valves are working properly and helps prevent sediment buildup. Aqua Ohio consistently meets or exceeds all drinking water standards and maintaining the distribution system helps preserve that quality and reliability.

Customers in the affected area may notice a drop in water pressure or temporary water discoloration, but no interruptions in water service are expected. If possible, customers should refrain from doing laundry to avoid possible staining while the flushing is taking place near their home. If tap water is discolored, customers are advised to allow it to run until it is clear. Running several cold-water faucets at the same time will help the water clear faster.

The flushing schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, April 17: North Sandusky Street from Miami Street to North Washington Street, Benner Street from Miami Street to Adams Street, Adams Street, West Adams Street, Frost Parkway, North Monroe Street, Roller Street, Grace Street, Hudson Street, Braden Court, Ash Street, Oak Street, Wall Street from Miami Street to Hall Street, Hall Street, Wall Street from Hall Street to Second Avenue, Apple Street, West Davis Street, Short Street, Noble Street from Oak Street to North Washington Street, and Jackson Street from Miami Street to Apple Street.
  • Tuesday, April 18: First Avenue, Second Avenue, Vine Street from Apple Street to Second Avenue, North Washington Street from North Sandusky Street to Third Avenue, Third Avenue from North Washington Street to Shawhan Avenue and Cedar Court, Wall Street from Second Avenue to Fourth Avenue, North Sandusky Street from Third Avenue to Sixth Avenue, North Washington Street from Second Avenue to city limits, Fourth Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Sixth Avenue, Seventh Avenue, Eighth Avenue, Park Avenue, Grand Avenue from Third Avenue to Northview Drive, Vine Street from Second Avenue to Eighth Avenue, Shawhan Avenue, Maule Road, Warren Avenue, Lawndale Avenue, Highland Avenue, Summit Avenue, Tyber Road, and Forrest Avenue.
  • Wednesday, April 19: Harrison Street, Water Street, Erie Street, Minerva Street, Noble Street from North Washington to Water Street, Webster Street, Olive Street, East Davis Street, Elmwood Street, Douglas Street, Tomb Street, Henry Street, Huss Street, Thomas Street, Hayward Street, Blair Street, and North Sandusky Street from Sixes Corners to Huss Street.
  • Thursday, April 20: North Sandusky Street to Northstar Industrial Park, Northstar Industrial Park, Rita Lane, Heritage Drive, Dallas Street, Augusta Lane, North River Road, Ella Street from Martha Street to Sycamore Street, Sycamore Street from Ella Street to Gibson Street, Brookwood Park, Sycamore Wood Lane, Hampden Park, Gibson Street from Sycamore Street to Hampden Park, and Shepherd Drive.
  • Friday, April 21: Mohawk Street, Southview Place, Willow Court, Arrow Lane, Indian Lane, Gibson Street from Hampden Park to South Washington Street, Gibson Court, Autumn Lane, Harvest Lane, Sunny Lane, Spring Lane, Sycamore Street from Gibson Street to Spring Lane, Sycamore Street from Ella Street to South Washington Street, Circular Street from Sycamore Street to South Washington Street, South Monroe Street from Sycamore Street to Circular Street, South Washington Street from Sycamore Street to Gibson Street, Herrick Court, Glenn Street from South Washington Street to Glennview Terrace, Achre Court, Glennview Terrace, and Orchard Park.

Customers who have questions may call Aqua Ohio’s Customer Service Center toll-free at (877) 987-2782.

For more information, visit, or follow Aqua on Facebook at and on Twitter at @myaquawater.

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