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Tiffin City Schools treasurer announces retirement




Sharon Perry, treasurer of Tiffin City Schools, announced that she will resign for the purpose of retirement effective July 1, 2023. (Photo Credit: Tiffin City Schools)

Tiffin, Ohio — Sharon Perry, treasurer of Tiffin City Schools, announced during Monday’s board of education meeting that she will resign from her position effective July 1, 2023 for the purpose of retirement.

In a letter addressed to board members, Perry said that she sincerely appreciates the opportunity to serve the school district for nearly 13 years.

“Tiffin City Schools not only provided the last half of my career as a treasurer, it also provided the education of all four of my children. From kindergarten to grade 12, this district served my family for 20 years,” Perry wrote. “I’ll be forever grateful for my own children’s successes, and I’m confident that TCS will continue to successfully serve all of its students, families, and the wonderful community in which we live.”

Perry’s resignation was accepted by the board with appreciation for her service to the school district. The board will now begin searching for a suitable replacement to take over as treasurer.

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