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Tiffin City Council approves pay raise for mayor, law director, and councilmembers




Tiffin City Council met for a regular meeting Monday, Oct. 17, 2022. (Screenshot via City of Tiffin / YouTube)

Tiffin, Ohio — Tiffin City Council on Monday voted to approve pay increases for the elected positions of mayor, law director, and city councilmember.

Currently, the mayor makes $73,030 per year. Council unanimously approved a $14,970 salary increase for the position of mayor, bringing the new total annual salary to $88,000 beginning in 2024.

The city law director currently makes $55,000 per year. Council approved an increase of $15,000 to go into effect in 2024 — bringing the new annual salary for the position of law director to $70,000. Council also approved an additional $10,000 annually to be used by the law director for an administrative assistant.

Ken Jones was the sole councilmember to vote against the proposed pay increase for the position of law director.

Council unanimously approved staggered increases in pay for councilmembers beginning in 2024. The annual pay for councilmembers would be $6,400 in 2024, $6,460 in 2025, $6,530 in 2026, and $6,590 in 2027.

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