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Village of Bettsville approves sale of H.P. Eells Park property




Photo Credit: Friends of H.P. Eells (Bettsville) Park / Facebook

Bettsville, Ohio — The village of Bettsville on Tuesday approved the sale of its H.P. Eells Park property, located at 7800 North Township Road 70.

During a village council meeting Tuesday evening, bids for the purchase of the park property were unsealed and read aloud by Mayor Scott Harrison.

The process revealed that the highest bid was made by Mike Warner in the amount of $407,000, according to a press release from the village.

Councilmembers voted unanimously to accept Warner’s bid. They also voted unanimously to authorize Mayor Harrison to select the needed professional agencies to complete the sale of the park.

“Ann and I are super excited to partner with Brandon and Kari Shull on this purchase! Hoping to have a campground up and running there by 2024,” Warner wrote in a public Facebook post Tuesday.

The H.P. Eells Park property, which has been part of the Bettsville community for decades, was recently annexed by the village with the intention of selling it. The property is complete with parking, picnic and play areas, baseball fields, a tennis court, and a volleyball court.

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