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Tiffin University adds three new academic programs




Tiffin University

Tiffin, Ohio — Tiffin University has announced the addition of three new degree options to its undergraduate curriculum.

Students may now choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in global sports and culture, a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science with a concentration in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a concentration in sport psychology.

TU’s new global sports and culture major was added for students seeking to understand how sports can shape or alter one’s personal identity, and how one’s personal sports identity can help bridge gaps created by differences related to race, gender or class. It is an interdisciplinary degree that will capitalize on a love for sports shared by many TU students, and use their interests as a vehicle for learning and retaining coursework.

The sports psychology concentration is for those looking to equip themselves with the behavioral knowledge and skills needed to enhance the physical and mental performance of those participating in recreation, fitness, exercise and sports-related settings.

Combined, the global sports and culture degree program and the sports psychology concentration represent new efforts to offer interdisciplinary coursework that backs the University’s commitment to athletic excellence and supporting TU’s many student-athletes. The goal is to leverage students’ passion for sports and related topics by using their interests as a lens through which knowledge, inquiry and cultural exploration are presented. Completing both will include sports studies as a science, a business, a part of culture and a part of social science.

The UAS technology concentration of the computer science major is affiliated with TU’s Drone Academy, and caters to students seeking to become leaders in the burgeoning industry of drone technology in a number of established fields: law enforcement, business, agriculture, transportation and surveying, journalism and others.

“These developments will spell significant growth for our signature programs at TU, and said additions show that our academic leaders remain committed to providing top-quality and innovative options for the modern-day college student,” said Dr. Peter J. Holbrook, Provost and Chief Academic Officer. “I am pleased to say this reinforces my long-held belief that our institution consistently adapts to fulfill the needs of ever-changing industries, so that our students graduate well prepared to meet new professional standards as they arise.”

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