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Repp says he is pursuing ‘multiple avenues’ to return as municipal judge




Former Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court Judge Mark E. Repp (Photo Credit: Seneca County Commissioners / Facebook)

Tiffin, Ohio — Following his suspension and removal from the bench, former Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court Judge Mark Repp isn’t backing down — instead, he says he is “pursuing multiple avenues” to return to his old job.

“I know that many of you have asked what my plans are,” Repp wrote in a letter obtained by “While I am not able to discuss the details, I want to inform you that I am and will be pursuing multiple avenues to return to the Court. Preparations have already been made on multiple levels and will commence at the appropriate time.”

After Repp was suspended from the practice of law and his judicial office without pay by the Ohio Supreme Court last year, Tiffin City Council voted unanimously on June 20, 2022 to declare a vacancy in the office of municipal judge.

The vacancy will be filled by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, and because Repp is a Republican, the Seneca County Republican Central Committee was asked to submit candidates to the governor’s office for consideration.

Repp’s suspension was the result of a certified complaint filed against him, which stated that he abused his contempt power and engaged in “impatient, undignified, and discourteous conduct” during a court hearing in March 2020.

“As you may be aware, I am ethically barred from commenting regarding the proceedings,” Repp wrote in the letter to members of the Seneca County Republican Central Committee. “Unfortunately, because of this, I have been an easy target for many.”

Repp said he has “strived to serve our community fairly, honestly and promptly” for the past 19 years, and that his “commitment to Tiffin, Fostoria and all of Seneca County is unchanged.”

“This committee and any candidate considering nomination should be aware that any interim appointment may very well be temporary. I have tried to limit the controversy around this process but certain forces and people have worked behind the scenes to undermine this,” Repp continued in the letter. “Many of you are aware of these dynamics and the reasons behind it. Nevertheless, I believe the dynamics at work and my intention to return to the Court should be kept in mind when voting on nominations.”

The Seneca County Republican Central Committee met Thursday evening and nominated three candidates to fill the vacancy: Rhonda Best, Ken Clason, and Ken Egbert Jr. The governor’s office reserves the right to seek candidates in addition to the names submitted by the party.

According to a letter from the governor’s office, a panel will schedule interviews with the candidates as soon as possible after the receipt of the nominations. From those interviews, an interview panel is to forward its findings to DeWine, who will make the appointment and then coordinate with the local Republican Party to announce the appointee.

“I understand that this committee is bound by statue [sic] to make a recommendation,” Repp added. “Unfortunately, these recommendations will not be the last of the process.”

Attempts to reach Repp for additional comment were unsuccessful.

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