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Check out these cool historic photos of Tiffin and Seneca County




Tiffin, Ohio Since our slideshow featuring historic photos of the Seneca County Courthouse (click here to view) was so popular, we’re posting another one with more historic photos!

Photos & descriptions credit: Seneca County Museum / Historical Society.

Credit: Seneca County Historical Society / Facebook

September 1, 1961 – Earlier in 1961, on May 8th and 9th, Tiffin welcomed a new Big Boy restaurant with their Grand Opening. It came at a time of the arrival of the Westgate Shopping Center – where the consumer drives their car to a special shopping area, instead of taking the bus downtown. On September 1st, another restaurant designed to attract the consumer out driving in their cars had their Grand Opening. Today, we have the vintage ad for the opening of Gold Crown, where you could get a milk shake, a hamburger AND french fries for a total of less than 50 cents!

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