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State medical board suspends Fostoria doctor’s license




Dr. Michael D. Badik, DO

Fostoria, Ohio — A Fostoria doctor’s license to practice osteopathic medicine and surgery has been indefinitely suspended by the State Medical Board of Ohio.

Dr. Michael D. Badik is a family medicine doctor who is affiliated with ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital as well as other area hospitals.

According to the state medical board, Badik admitted that when he treated 11 specified patients, he “inappropriately treated and/or failed to appropriately treat those patients.” Badik also “demonstrated a failure to conform to minimal standards of care,” and a failure to maintain “minimum standards applicable to the selection or administration of drugs.”

The board states on its website that Badik also “violated or attempted to violate the board’s general prohibitions and rules” for prescribing pain medication.

The suspension is to last for a minimum of one year from Apr. 9, 2022, and is subject to a $10,000 fine.

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