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John Cranley’s practical approach, record makes him best candidate for governor




John Cranley, former mayor of Cincinnati, delivers his opening statement in the Ohio Gubernatorial Democratic Primary Debate in Wilberforce, Ohio on Tuesday, March 29, 2022. Photo by Meg Vogel/Ohio Debate Commission.

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This is a critical election for Ohio. Our state is heading in the wrong direction, and our leaders are failing us.

I strongly support John Cranley to win the Democratic Party nomination for governor because I like his policies to bring jobs, the compassion he showed as the co-founder of the Ohio Innocence Project and because I believe he is the only Democrat who can win in November.

John Cranley has plans to improve our healthcare system and put a federally qualified health center in every county. He also has a thoughtful plan to legalize adult-use marijuana, tax it and use the profits to help our infrastructure – with universal Wi-Fi the top priority. Gov. DeWine thinks marijuana should be a crime; John Cranley thinks it should be a business.

I like his practical approach to problem solving, and I like his record as mayor of Cincinnati. Against many odds, and under his leadership, Cincinnati is growing again. Wages are up and poverty is down. His record as mayor is much better than Mike DeWine’s record as governor.

Please vote – and please join me in supporting John Cranley.

Gina Grandillo
Chair, Seneca County Democratic Party

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