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Department of Public Works reminds residents to prepare for ice, snow events




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Tiffin, Ohio — Although Mother Nature gave us a break in the early winter season, the snow will not hold out forever.

The staff at Tiffin Public Works is prepared to help get the community through winter safely, and they’re providing some tips and reminders for residents.

First and foremost, monitor the weather and adhere to Snow Emergency Classifications. Milder starts to winter can lead to complacency, but installing a weather app on your smart phone or mobile device or checking the local news can keep us better prepared.

Public Works’ primary responsibility is to keep Tiffin’s roads open for emergency vehicles. Snow plows clear routes by priority, starting with roads that carry the heaviest volumes of traffic. Depending on the nature of the snow event, local neighborhoods may not be plowed until well after the first snow fall. Public Works knows delay can be frustrating, but appreciates your patience with lower volume roads.

Snow plow operators are required to clear snow off of the entire road width to maintain drainage for snowmelt and to keep subsequent snows out of the line of traffic. Many roads require at least two passes, potentially a couple hours apart. While operators try to avoid casting snow onto already shoveled driveways and sidewalks, it is sometimes a reality. Residents should consider waiting to shovel until after the first or second pass if conditions allow. Also, try to push driveway and sidewalk snow into lawn areas, instead of the street to reduce the amount of snow in the roadway.

Keep in mind some general housekeeping measures to make snowstorms go more smoothly. Remove vehicles from on-street parking spots before the snow if you can. If not, consider moving them after the first plows pass so that snow plow operators can clean the remaining snow and prevent it from freezing. Check mailboxes to make sure their posts are still sound, and keep signs or other decorations back from the street. Wet snow is very heavy, so flimsy or deteriorated roadside items are susceptible to damage.

Finally, to maintain safety, residents should exercise patience and caution during snowy weather. Stay off the road if possible. Be vigilant, and allow for extra travel time when on the road. When approaching plows, slow down, stay back, and never try to weave between adjacent plow trucks. Just give operators a little time and space, and they will get the snow off of the road.

Tiffin Public Works thanks residents for all you do to keep our city beautiful and well-maintained. If you have any questions, please call (419) 448-5430.

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