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Hacker targets Downtown Tiffin store, redirects bank deposits to their own account




Photo Credit: Simply Susan's / Facebook

Tiffin, Ohio — A local business was the target of a sophisticated hack which resulted in recent sales from the store being deposited into the hacker’s bank account.

Susan Wilkinson, owner of Simply Susan’s in Downtown Tiffin, shared the news in a Facebook post Saturday morning.

“The last 15 hours have been a… I don’t even have the words to describe,” Wilkinson wrote. “I learned last night our POS system (point of sale, or register) was hacked. Someone in Miami, Florida hacked into our system and changed our bank account info so all deposits would go to them… not to us.”

“The first 15 days of the holiday season went to a hacker. Not to my small business that so many have helped me build. To some scumbag who has stolen what maintains this business for the next calendar year,” Wilkinson added.

Wilkinson said she is working with the point-of-sale company, the police department, and her insurance company. “I have no idea when or if I will ever see this money,” she said.

“I’m trying my best to ‘keep it together.’ I know I should be and I know I am grateful for my health and my family’s health. There are worse things that can happen,” Wilkinson stated. “But this is a definite sucker punch to me, my family and my staff.”

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