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City of Tiffin receives $500,000 for Ella Street Bridge Project




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Tiffin, Ohio — Last week, the City of Tiffin was selected to receive $500,000 in funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) for the construction of the Ella Street River Bridge Project.

This $500,000 grant through OPWC, along with a $2 million federal grant previously received from the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Municipal Bridge Program, will be leveraged toward the estimated $4 million total project cost to replace the Ella Street Bridge.

These grants, along with the passage of the Road & Bridge Levy by the voters, will allow the City of Tiffin to complete the project without needing to take out a loan or issue bonds or notes.

The City of Tiffin will be finalizing the design for this project this Spring and intends to begin soliciting bids for the construction contract for this project in Summer 2022.

Plans and contracts for this project are being developed so that Ella Street will not be fully closed to traffic before Memorial Day 2023 to minimize impact to residents and Tiffin City Schools. The bridge is to be complete and open to traffic by December 2023.

Tiffin City Engineer Matt Watson said, “I greatly appreciate the Ohio Public Works Commission’s support of our project. The awarding of this grant is another example of the effectiveness of being able to leverage the local Road & Bridge Levy funding, with state and federal grant sources, which ultimately allows us to spread our local tax dollars further when maintaining our road and bridge infrastructure.”

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz said, “The Ella Street Bridge Project has long been in the works, and I truly appreciate Ohio Public Works Commission’s support for the City of Tiffin. Because of the efforts of City Engineer Matt Watson in pursuing these grants and the voters who supported the Road & Bridge Levy, the city will incur zero debt on the entire project and thus eliminating the burden this would have placed on future generations to pay back to lenders.”

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