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Seneca County Museum to host final presentation of 2021 monthly speaker series on Dec. 9th




Dr. John Bing (Photo Submitted)

Tiffin, Ohio — Dim the lights, there is no electricity, only the orange flame of gas. In Tiffin homes and on the streets of 1870, people gather and talk about the controversy over Lee’s Arlington estate, the latest bit of humor from Mark Twain and the superiority of Tiffin over Fremont.

Come with us on Thursday, the 9th of December and visit Tiffin on the eve of Christmas. Shop for practical goods in the shops and wonder about the value of Professor Woods Restorative Cordial.

At 7 p.m. in the Seneca County Museum, Dr. John Bing, Emeritus Professor at Heidelberg University, will share the news of the Christmas season as of December 22, 1870, and discuss similarities and differences then and now.

One day in another world. The town of Tiffin is growing; business is thriving. The people are eager to learn new skills and concerned about the pace of change. They travel in self-driving carriages (the horses know the way) and warn each other about the dangers of new remedies, while sampling cures for various ailments.

And how are they celebrating Christmas? Is this weekend the culmination of a shopping frenzy that began even before Thanksgiving? What are the Christmas specials in the shops, the new finery in the stores? Where does one get fresh oysters and toast the coming new year with Cincinnati Ale?

Tiffin in 1870, one hundred and fifty years ago — the seeds of the future being planted and an old way of life passing on.

The program is free and will be held in the Fort Ball Room in the Seneca County Museum, 28 Clay Street. Attendees will be able to tour the first floor of the Museum and the gift shop will be open.

This is slated to be the final monthly presentation of the museum’s 2021 speaker series. More information about the series for 2022 is to be released later.

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