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Fostoria fourth ward city council race decided by coin toss




Jim Fruth (left), chairman of the Seneca County Board of Elections, prepares to flip a coin to determine the winner in Fostoria's fourth ward city council race as candidate Michael L. Spencer (right) looks on. (Screenshot via Seneca County Board of Elections / Facebook)

Fostoria, Ohio — The race for the fourth ward seat on Fostoria City Council was decided by a coin toss Wednesday evening.

Both candidates in the race, incumbent Councilman Thomas Lake and challenger Michael L. Spencer, received 117 votes in the unofficial vote count on Election Day.

After the Seneca County Board of Elections counted in all absentee and provisional ballots Wednesday evening, the race remained tied with the candidates receiving a total of 120 votes each.

Board chairman Jim Fruth held a coin toss to declare a winner, in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.

Spencer was present for the coin toss, while Lake was not.

Spencer called heads, and after Fruth flipped the coin, it came up as tails — making Lake the declared winner of the race.

Due to how close the race was, Fruth said a recount is set to occur on Nov. 23 at 4:30 p.m.

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