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Tiffin Talent wants to help connect people to jobs




Tiffin, Ohio — Following a 20-year career in the service industry, Zack Perkins wants to take the skills he has learned to help people looking for work find the right employment.

Perkins’s company, Tiffin Talent, plans to partner exclusively with employers located in Tiffin and Seneca County.

With Tiffin Talent, Perkins, who serves as a Tiffin city councilman, will work directly with prospective job seekers in one-on-one interactions to find them the job that would be their best fit.

In addition to job matching, he intends to help people improve interviewing skills and resume building.

The company’s website, launches today. On it, there are portals for job seeks and employers to be able to get in touch with Perkins. The services is paid for by the employer based on referrals.

“Many times, people do not know what they want to do or what is best for their skill set,” Perkins said. “I want to help people find the right job that they will love, and help companies in turn to build their workforce sustainably.”

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz said, “Congratulations to Zack Perkins on this new venture with Tiffin Talent. I believe that this could be a benefit to our community as so many companies are struggling to find workers.”

For more information, contact Perkins at or by phone at (567) 230-6073.

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