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Fostoria police warn parents after sewing needle found in child’s Halloween candy




Credit: Fostoria Police Division / Facebook

Fostoria, Ohio — The Fostoria Police Division is investigating a report from a resident who found a sewing needle inserted into a chocolate bar given out during the city’s trick-or-treat on Saturday.

“Why….why would anyone do this? We’ve all heard of these types of things happening, but to actually have someone do this in our community is truly disturbing,” the Fostoria Police Division wrote in a Facebook post Sunday.

According to police, the sewing needle was discovered in a Kit Kat candy bar by an “observant child” who reported receiving it in the area of N. Union, Rock, and Summit Streets.

A photo of the candy bar shared by police shows that the pin was not fully inserted into the candy bar — a small portion was left sticking out.

“Although we only are aware of two pieces of candy being involved, we take this seriously and are appalled that anyone would be so demented as to want to hurt children in our community,” Fostoria Police Chief Keith Loreno said.

As a result of the incident, ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital is offering X-rays of candy distributed during Fostoria’s trick-or-treat.

Parents can take candy received during the trick-or-treat to the hospital on Monday, Nov. 1, to be X-rayed for any potential metal objects. These tests will be performed from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Parents are asked not to enter the hospital, but rather to go to the main entrance where they will be met by staff with portable X-ray machines available to scan the candy.

“Due to Covid restrictions, please follow all necessary safety restrictions on the hospital grounds and follow the instructions of the staff upon arrival,” police said. “Both Fostoria Police and ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital feel that it is best to take every reasonable action possible to keep our children safe and to help parents make an informed decision with any candy their children received.”

Fostoria Police are reminding parents to inspect their children’s candy. This includes inspecting the wrappers and disposing of the candy if it appears unusual, torn, or discolored.

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