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Cross belonging to St. Wendelin School stolen; Fostoria police make ‘one-time offer’ to thief




Photo Credit: Fostoria Police Division / Facebook

UPDATE: Police say the cross has been returned and the case is considered “closed.”

Original Story:

Fostoria, Ohio — Police say a cross at St. Wendelin School in Fostoria, which is currently in the process of being demolished, has been stolen — and they’re making a “one-time offer” to the thief.

“To whomever took the cross at the St. Wendelin school that is being torn down, we recognize that someone may have felt it was going to be destroyed. However, it was going to be kept as memorabilia at the parish,” the Fostoria Police Division wrote in a Facebook post Friday evening.

Police said they are making a “one-time offer” to the person who took the cross, due to the circumstances.

“We are asking, bring it to the PD or contact us in the next 48 hours for arrangements to get it back and we will consider this matter closed,” FPD wrote in the Facebook post.

“Please, do the right thing.”

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