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Commissioner Shuff, partners collaborate for Seneca County Sweep





Tiffin, Ohio — Seneca County Commissioner Tyler Shuff is partnering with Oriana House and the residents of Seneca County to clean up villages and cities with the Seneca County Sweep program.

The program kicks off on July 27th from 1-4 p.m. in downtown Green Springs. Those interested in volunteering to help with the clean-up should meet at the former community market.

Shuff said he plans to bring the program to each village and city in the county.

“The point of this is to get out to our villages and cities and to improve our downtown areas,” he said. “When we say that we want to clean up our streets, we don’t mean it figuratively, we mean it literally.”

Shuff said all are welcome to help and some equipment, such as brooms, shovels, gloves and trash bags will be provided. He also urged volunteers to bring some of their own equipment.

“It’s BYOB – bring your own brooms,” he joked. “Anyone who wants to come and assist for a few hours, you are more than welcome to join. We just want to have a nice, pleasant day of improving and beautifying our county in our villages and cities.”

The program is scheduled to occur for a few hours every other Tuesday. On Aug. 10, volunteers are to meet in Republic and on Aug. 24 the program heads to Attica. In September and into the future, locations and dates are to be announced.

Shuff and the volunteers are to be joined by members of the CROSSWAEH – community-based correctional facility program. CROSSWAEH is a program administered through Oriana House.

Jason Varney, VP of Correctional Programs at Oriana House in north-central and southeastern Ohio, said he was happy his organization could be part of the program.

“CROSSWAEH and Oriana House appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Seneca County Sweep,” he said. “Community service provides an opportunity for our clients to serve others and give back and that’s an important part of their programming. Hands-on work is rewarding and beneficial for them and as an agency, we place great value on our community partnerships.”

Shuff thanked Varney for partnering with the county on the program and he said he hopes the clean-up events continue annually.

“We want people to take pride in their communities and we hope they join us to help make our downtown areas cleaner,” Shuff said.

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