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Tiffin-Seneca Heritage Festival to return this year




Tiffin, Ohio — The Tiffin-Seneca Heritage Festival is scheduled to return in 2021, the Festival Board of Trustees announced this week.

The annual event, which was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is set to take place Sept. 17 through Sept. 19, according to the board.

“The Board hopes that this event will continue the many positive steps towards normalcy for the lives of the residents of Tiffin and Greater Seneca County! While planning is underway for the fast-approaching event, we are still excited about opportunities to add entertainment events and contests to the Festival weekend lineup,” the Board of Trustees said in a Facebook post. “We are hoping to bring back some of the old-time favorites, such as the unusual craft race and celebrity food eating contests, just to name a few.”

Volunteers are needed to help make these events a reality. The Board of Trustees is seeking volunteers to both help plan, but also carry out the events before and during Festival Weekend.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact or message them on Facebook at their page, Tiffin-Seneca Heritage Festival.