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Seneca County Sheriff Fred Stevens wants $478,000 to hire more personnel, get new equipment




Seneca County Sheriff Fred Stevens speaks to Sheriff's Office personnel at the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center. (Photo submitted)

Tiffin, Ohio — Sheriff Fred Stevens visited the Seneca County Commissioners last week to provide an update and request funding for additional personnel.

On April 1, the commissioners agreed to up their financial commitment to the sheriff’s office by approving a request from Stevens to purchase four vehicles.

The $135,000 supplemental appropriation also will cover the necessary equipment for the vehicles. This funding was on top of the initial $60,000 budgeted for two vehicles.

Stevens said the office also has personnel needs. He said at times, there are only two deputies on the road across the 553 square miles of the county. Overall, he said there are just 13 deputies that work regularly on the road.

“That’s not acceptable,” Stevens said.

Stevens’ overall request, which also includes equipment, uniforms and more, would create an estimated expense of $478,361.80.

The request would include the hiring of one captain, four deputies and a dispatcher.