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Tiffin City Schools to place $6.9 million property tax operating levy on May ballot Staff




Tiffin City Board of Education members from left: Dr. Meagan McBride, Mr. Victor Perez, Dr. Jeff Hoyda, Dr. Andrew Gase, Mr. Chris Widman

Tiffin, Ohio — The Tiffin City Board of Education this week approved a measure to place a $6.9 million property tax operating levy on the May 2021 primary election ballot.

“The Board of Tiffin City Schools is planning to place an operating tax levy on the May 2021 ballot in order to continue to provide our students with the quality education they deserve,” the board wrote on its website. “In this time of uncertainty, one truth remains unchanged: our schools are the backbone and strength of the community. Budget shortfalls, however, are presenting the risk of serious cuts in programming.”

The last time the district went to the voters for a new operating levy was 2012. Operating levy funds go into the general fund of the district to pay for the day-to-day operational expenses of the school district. Those expenses include the operation of the school buildings, athletics, performing arts, supplies, staff salaries and benefits.

“What option do most people prefer? It depends on a family’s economic situation. Farmers, people on fixed incomes, and large land owners tend to prefer income tax levies, while the average working class resident finds more savings in the property tax. With either of these scenarios, the district will still need to make about $1 million in budget cuts,” the board wrote on its website.

The board recently conducted an online survey of area residents asking which option they would prefer.

If voters approve the levy in May, the property tax would be paid by homeowners in the district in accordance with the value of the home. For example, a person who owns a home valued at $200,000, taxed at a $6.9 million property tax rate, would pay $483, according to the board.