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Seneca County Health Commissioner provides COVID-19 vaccine update Staff




Seneca County Health Commissioner Beth Schweitzer, MPH

Tiffin, Ohio — Seneca County Health Commissioner Beth Schweitzer provided an update on COVID-19 vaccine distribution Friday.

“The Seneca County General Health District continues to follow the guidelines given to us by the Ohio Department of Health and the Governor’s office regarding who is eligible to get the COVID 19 vaccine,” Schweitzer said. “Currently, we are still vaccinating those who fall into Tier 1.a.”

The governor announced on January 7 that the first group in Tier 1.b., those 80 years of age and above who are not in long term care facilities, fall next in line for vaccination starting the week of January 18.

“At this time, we are receiving very limited amounts of COVID 19 vaccine which makes it very difficult to get the vaccine to each tier in a timely manner,” Schweitzer said. “At this time, we have a list of people in the 80 + age group that we will be contacting to set up an appointment.”

“Now we are asking only those who are 80 and over, who are not in a long-term care facility and have not yet called the health department, to call 419-447-3691, ext.355 and leave their name, age and phone number,” Schweitzer added. “Please speak slowly and clearly, as many times we get messages we cannot understand. Please do not call this line if you do not meet the previously mentioned requirements.”