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Study: Ohioans rank green bean casserole as favorite Thanksgiving side dish Staff




Photo courtesy Zippia

Ohioans prefer green bean casserole as a Thanksgiving side dish more than any other, according to a recent study conducted by Zippia.

Thanksgiving may be called Turkey Day, but maybe it should be called green bean casserole day in Ohio.

Using Google Trends, Zippia determined what Thanksgiving side each state eats a disproportionate amount of. Zippia examined over 20 Thanksgiving classics and found Ohioans rank green bean casserole as their favorite Thanksgiving side dish.

Zippia looked at the month of November 2019 to determine what folks are searching for the most in each state. Traffic for most Thanksgiving sides sky rockets on Thanksgiving day (Turns out, when you’re googling “how to make mashed potatoes”, so it most of America.)

You can see the results of the study here.

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