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Montz presents 2020 Mayor’s Award to ‘Helping Hands in Seneca County’ mask-making group Staff




Helping Hands Seneca County organizer Andrea Traunero holds up the 2020 Mayor's Award (Photo courtesy Mayor Aaron Montz / Twitter)

Tiffin, Ohio — Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz on Monday presented the 2020 Mayor’s Award to a local group that has made over 50,000 face coverings to ensure every person in Seneca County has access to a reusable mask amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“It is my pleasure to present the 2020 Mayor’s Award to the amazing individuals who make up the ‘Helping Hands in Seneca County’ mask making group,” Montz said.

Montz said following the group’s formation, it has grown to nearly 6,000 members on Facebook and they now do “so much more than just masks.”

“Their mission has expanded and is now a place for people to connect with neighbors in need and organizations that are helping those in need. Everything offered through the group is 100% free, and has become a great way to help those in our community with the greatest needs,” Montz said.

The group was inspired by Anne DeVine and was started by Jill Gosche on March 20 and quickly grew to thousands of members, the mayor said.

Andrea Traunero had started making face masks and the Helping Hands Facebook group became the perfect spot to coordinate seamstresses’ efforts.

Montz said Traunero and her family turned their porch into a general store of sorts, and people would stop by all day to drop off donations toward the effort, pick up what they need, and return completed masks.

“Organizers believe lives have been saved through the efforts of the dedicated seamstresses,” Montz said.

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