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Ohio still in need of more poll workers as Election Day approaches

Tyler Buchanan, Ohio Capital Journal




File photo of a voting location from Wikimedia Commons by Tom Arthur.

Ohio still needs your help.

The General Election is a few weeks away and many counties are still searching for more poll workers.

The Ohio Secretary of State’s Office has identified a bare minimum of poll workers required in each county, as well as a higher goal to shoot for.

There are also minimums and goals set per political party, as polling places are staffed by bipartisan teams of workers.

Many counties have reached their minimum counts, but most are still in search for at least some more Republican, Democrat or non-partisan poll workers.

You can look at your county’s needs by viewing the Secretary of State’s Poll Worker Tracker.  That website also has an online sign-up page, or you can contact your county’s board of elections office directly. (See here for a directory.)

Here are the counties still in need of Republican and Democratic poll workers:

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