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Minors accused of vandalizing Fostoria business Staff




Fostoria, Ohio — Three minors are being accused of breaking into and vandalizing a Fostoria business property.

On Friday at approximately 9:33 a.m., the Fostoria Police Division was made aware of the incident at 450 Zeller Road.

The business property had surveillance cameras in place, and the footage was downloaded and analyzed.

Three minors were observed on the property and are suspected of vandalizing the facility. They are accused of damaging four fire extinguishers, painting graffiti, and busting out 23 windows.

Police say the minors also entered one of the buildings and caused damage to the interior, including throwing paint on the floor and walls.

The damage to the property is currently around $14,650.

After careful review, three minors have been identified and criminal charges against them have been requested with the appropriate courts, since not all of the minors are from Fostoria.

“It is very unfortunate that people do not respect and value others’ property. The amount of damage is staggering and obviously upsetting to the owners,” Fostoria Police Chief Keith Loreno said.

Loreno said after review by the prosecutor, charges will most likely be filed and a court date will be assigned to each of the minors.

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