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City of Tiffin warns of scam email Staff




Tiffin Police Chief Fred Stevens

Tiffin, Ohio — The City of Tiffin was recently made aware of an email originating from the “Department of Motor Vehicles” and is warning residents that it is a scam.

The fake email notifies the recipient that he or she was cited with a traffic violation and then demands payment of the fine within 72 hours.

The scam email contains links for “easy pay” or to contest the fine amount. The email originates from a scam email address “violations at”

The City of Tiffin is warning residents not to click on any of the links contained in the scam email as it could infect your device with a malicious malware and compromise your sensitive information.

Additionally, do not open any attachments contained in the suspicious emails.

Finally, never provide your sensitive or personal or financial information unless you have confirmed the person or organization requesting that information.

If you believe that you have received this email, contact the City of Tiffin Police Department at (419) 447-2323 or report it to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office,

“This email is a scam and should be reported to the police if you have received it. The Tiffin Police Department will not notify you by email of a violation and does not request payment online,” said Tiffin Police Chief Fred Stevens.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles does not notify drivers of any violations through email nor does it email requests for payment of fines.