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Seneca County business helps pave way for potential public river access park project Staff




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Tiffin, Ohio — Seneca County Land Bank members and Seneca County Treasurer Paul Harrison are thanking a local business for its assistance this week, which saved the land bank thousands of dollars.

Harrison said Sunny Farms Landfill (SFL) accepted all the demolition debris from the former Ruffing Care Center on CR 6 and from a property on Ann Street in Tiffin for no cost.

These dilapidated properties were taken in by the land bank and were demolished to combat blight and to improve the community.

Harrison said signs were posted at each location to show appreciation to SFL, as the acceptance of  the debris at no cost saved the Land Bank about $15,000.

“We are thankful to Sunny Farms Landfill for taking this project on at no cost to the land bank,” Harrison said.

Ben Nutter, Community Engagement Manager for SFL, said the company was happy to help.

“On behalf of the hard working men and women at Sunny Farms landfill we are proud to partner  with the Seneca County Land Bank,” Nutter said. “This project is a phenomenal example of our core  values. We strongly feel that by saving the land bank money, they can focus on additional  worthwhile projects in our community.”

Seneca County Park District Executive Director Sarah Betts said the district was asked by former County Treasurer Damon Alt to consider accepting the former Ruffing Family Care Center property after demolition.

“The board and staff evaluated the site and affirmed this property would be a great location for public river access and we hope to provide additional public programming opportunities in the future,” she said.

Betts said her staff and board are looking forward to developing an easily accessible public river access spot on the property.

“We are also planning to include some type of cooperative programming opportunities with the Ohio  Department of Natural Resources, as they own property on the other side of the river,” she said.

Betts said the park district plans to submit an ODNR grant application for a trailer and watercraft, to be able to offer public paddling experiences in various parts of the county.

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