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‘Operation Grant’ seeks to turn Ohio Republicans toward Biden in election

Tyler Buchanan, Ohio Capital Journal




Photo by Gage Skidmore

A group of Ohio Republicans have launched an effort to unseat their party’s president, instead backing Democratic candidate Joe Biden for the fall.

The new Operation Grant is affiliated with The Lincoln Project, a national organization of Republican politicos who are campaigning against Trump’s reelection.

The Ohio-centered group, named after the former general and president who was born in southern Ohio, is also associated with the Republican Voters Against Trump organization.

Operation Grant launched Tuesday morning with an event at a Lincoln statue located in Cincinnati. Featured were a number of Republican officials and activists, including Chris Gagin, a former chair of the Belmont County Republican Party who resigned in 2018 as a protest of Trump’s policies.

The Lincoln Project began a year ago by a number of well-known Republican strategists, including John Weaver, who has worked on presidential campaigns of John McCain and former Gov. John Kasich.

Using the 16th president as a motif for courage and binding a fractured country together, the supporters are backing Biden over Trump this year.

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