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Ohio man creates socially distanced candy chute for trick-or-treat amid pandemic




Photo Credit: Andrew Beattie / Facebook

An Ohio man has come up with a creative way to keep his family and trick-or-treaters safe this year amid the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.

Andrew Beattie says the chute was designed to a completely “touch-free” experience for trick-or-treaters.

There will be a sign at the bottom of the tube showing them where to hold their bags and buckets so the candy can drop right in.

“I, personally, will be wearing a mask and changing gloves frequently, and the candy will be from a factory-sealed bag that I’ll open outside by the candy chute,” Beattie said.

“I want our youngins to be able to have some sense of normalcy and maybe a little bit of exercise in all this madness, and I’ve put a LOT of thought into how to do so safely, and I appreciate your concern.”

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