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DeWine urges state lawmakers to pass gun control measures Staff




Ohio Governor Mike DeWine took time out of his regularly-scheduled coronavirus press briefing Tuesday to again call upon state legislators to pass gun control measures in the wake of gun violence happening across the state.

DeWine said between Sept. 1 and Labor Day, there were 40 people shot in the state and 21 of those people died from their injuries, including a Cleveland police detective and his informant, who were fatally shot Thursday night.

After the mass shooting in Dayton last year, the governor proposed Strong Ohio legislation to tackle the issue of gun violence in the state while protecting constitutional rights of gun ownership.

The legislation includes new background checks, greater penalties for gun crimes, and safety protection orders.

“I’m going to keep saying it. We have to, in Ohio, get tougher on repeat violent offenders,” DeWine stated on Tuesday. “We have to get tougher on those who are convicted felons who have absolutely no business having a gun. We need to do this. We have pending in the state legislature a bill that would do that and I would urge my friends in the general assembly to take that bill up.”

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