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Tiffin Police Department unveils new Ford F-150 Police Responders Staff




The Tiffin Police Department unveiled its new cruisers this week — Ford F-150 Police Responders.

“Some of you may have had an opportunity to have TPD’s newest cruiser pass you on the streets or have noticed it parked in front of the PD last week or this week,” Chief Fred Stevens said in a Facebook post. “We have a couple Ford SUV’s and a couple Dodges and a couple Ford Taurus’s in the rotation currently to maintain versatility in function and in the usage and practicality.”

“Before I get into the history of why we don’t have the same type vehicle across the whole fleet of police cruisers, let me start by saying that TPD, like other government/municipality agencies do not pay FULL price for our vehicle purchases no matter what brand vehicle. We purchase them under the umbrella of a State Bid Purchase Price that each automaker submits to the State of Ohio on different models of their products,” Stevens said.

“Due to a very large group of agencies/cities/counties purchasing their vehicles they reduce the price significantly as they will be selling them by the thousands instead of individual purchases. So I think it is important to note that just like in 2012 when we purchased our first Dodge Chargers, TPD is not paying the sticker price that you see on the lot!”