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Tiffin East Green continuing splash pad light show with new start time Staff




The Tiffin East Green Foundation is continuing its splash pad light show at National Corner in Downtown Tiffin with an adjustment in the starting time.

“We have received many positive responses to the National Corner Fountain shows at the East Green and are glad we have two more yet to come. It’s getting darker earlier, therefore we are again going to adjust the starting time to accommodate the earlier sunset,” said Mike Klepper, President of the East Green Foundation.

The East Green will be starting the next two Saturday shows at 8:45 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. with a continuous lighted water show with various music at the National Corner.

There will also be limited seating inside the perimeter walls, so come early for the best seats.

“You will not be disappointed in the spectacular views,” Klepper said.

The show can be viewed from the public sidewalks around the National Corner or across Market and Jefferson Streets, and also from the hill in front of the East Tower.

“Seeing the continued attendance and everyone respecting social distancing proves that we are able to provide safe, responsible entertainment. With the East Tower lit, Old Trinity, the music, and the fountain show we are delighted to add further excitement to Downtown Tiffin’s Saturday nights,” said Andrew Kalnow, Chairman of the East Green Foundation and CEO of National Machinery.

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