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Tiffin City Council votes against allowing golf carts on public roadways




Tiffin City Council voted against an ordinance Monday that would have allowed golf carts to be driven on public roadways.

Ordinance 20-77, introduced by Councilwoman Bridget Boyle of the First Ward, would have enacted Chapter 343 of the Tiffin Codified Ordinances to allow and regulate golf cart use within the city of Tiffin.

Under the ordinance, golf carts would have only been allowed on streets with a speed limit of 25 mph or lower.

The ordinance failed by a vote of 3-4, with council members Bridget Boyle, Dan Perry, and Tyler Shuff voting in favor of the legislation and council members Dawn Iannantuono, Ken Jones, Steve Lepard, and Ben Gillig voting against.

Councilman Ken Jones of the Second Ward said he is against the idea of having golf carts on public roadways because Tiffin Police Chief Fred Stevens wasn’t “warm to the idea.”

Chief Stevens previously expressed his concerns over the safety of golf carts on public roadways.

Councilman Steve Lepard said he recently spoke to a “golf cart professional,” who advised him that allowing their use on public roadways would not be a good idea for safety reasons. Lepard also cited the concerns from Chief Stevens as his reasoning for voting against the ordinance.

Under the ordinance, the driver of a golf cart would have needed to be at least 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license, and children that require a child restraint would have been prohibited from being a passenger of golf carts on public roadways.

Lighting for taillights, headlights, and brake lights would have required LED bulbs, and drivers of golf carts would have needed to hold certain liability insurance.

High-mount lamps would have been required on golf carts, and no rear-facing passengers would have been permitted under the ordinance.

A similar ordinance aiming to allow golf carts on public roadways was previously considered by council in 2019 and was also voted down.

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