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Seneca County Democratic Party opens headquarters in Downtown Tiffin Staff




TIFFIN — The Seneca County Democratic Party now has a place to call home for the upcoming general election.

The new office, located at 71 E. Market St., will serve as the central headquarters for all Seneca County Democratic Party operations.

The headquarters will be a hub for community members to learn more about the local Democratic Party, register to vote, obtain yard signs in support of Democratic candidates, and volunteer to help elect Democrats.

“Having a campaign headquarters was an important objective for the Seneca County Democratic Party this campaign season. We are happy to have a place where volunteers and supporters can safely gather, while affirming our visibility as a local party in downtown Tiffin,” said Gina Grandillo, the county party’s executive committee chairwoman. “Inclusivity and diversity are core Democratic values, which is why our door will be open for anyone who wishes to be involved.”

If you’re interested in joining or volunteering, you can visit the headquarters, go to the party’s website at, or find Seneca County Democratic Party on Facebook.

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