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Jim Jordan challenger Shannon Freshour joins March on Washington: ‘Black Lives Matter!’ Staff




Democratic congressional candidate Shannon Freshour (second from left) joins activists at the March on Washington in 2020, 57 years after the original demonstration. (Photo courtesy Shannon4Ohio / Facebook)

Democratic congressional hopeful Shannon Freshour joined demonstrators in the nation’s capital Friday as activists gathered for another March on Washington, 57 years later.

“Black Lives Matter!” Freshour captioned a photo posted to her campaign social media Thursday.

“68 Days until we beat Trump & Jim Jordan,” the Marysville-based candidate added.

Freshour is running against conservative firebrand Rep. Jim Jordan in the November general election for Ohio’s 4th congressional district.

Freshour is a graduate of Trinity Washington University in Washington, D.C. and earned a masters degree from Johns Hopkins University in American government.

She worked in the Washington, D.C. area for a number of years gaining access to federal government and its relationship to the states and local communities. Freshour returned to Ohio for family reasons and currently works as a litigation paralegal.

“I am a ‘get stuff done; everyone just stop playing partisan games’ Democrat. I do not believe that only one side is correct. No one group is correct on everything, and good ideas can come from people I strongly disagree with on a lot of other things. I believe you stand on principle and compromise on policies where you can,” Freshour said.

Freshour describes herself as the “daughter of a hardworking single mom often working multiple jobs to make ends meet,” adding that her priorities include healthcare, an economy that works for working & middle class people, commonsense gun laws, education & schools, and reproductive healthcare.

“I will fight to protect the working and middle class. We need to ensure we are working towards a strong economy by investing and providing family-wage jobs. This means higher wages for workers, paid sick leave and family leave. This also means working on tax-cuts to small and medium sized businesses so they have the opportunity in today’s economy to grow and thrive,” Freshour said.

“Wholeheartedly, I support universal coverage with a public option where people can buy into Medicare or Medicaid when they wish or need a safety net.  Simply because someone’s employment status changes they and their family should not be thrown into financial peril by losing their health coverage too,” Freshour added.

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