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Applebee’s coming to Tiffin? Staff




Photo: NOPEC / Anthony92931 (WikiMedia Commons) / Composite

Will Tiffin get an Applebee’s restaurant any time soon?

That’s the subject of a request one Twitter user made to Mayor Aaron Montz, leading him to retweet her message along with some insight.

“Please put an @Applebees in the empty corner lot by Lowe’s,” Twitter user Gracie Steinhauser requested of the mayor on Sunday.

“Not likely,” Montz replied, adding that the casual dining chain is not “doing well across the country.”

“In fact they’ve increased the number of stores being closed every year since 2016. Current environment only makes it tougher for [them],” Montz tweeted.

“That is probably the last restaurant we need,” Twitter user Rebecca Taylor replied to Montz.

Do you think Tiffin needs an Applebee’s? What’s the next restaurant you’d like to see open in Tiffin? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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