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Gov. DeWine warns of more coronavirus safety orders coming this week Staff




Photo courtesy Office of Mike DeWine

During an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Gov. Mike DeWine told host Chuck Todd that Ohio is “going to see more orders” this week as coronavirus cases continue to surge throughout the country.

“While we did a great job early on in Ohio, we are headed in the wrong direction and frankly I’m very very concerned about that.” DeWine said.

“We are at the point where we could become Florida. If you look at our numbers today versus where Florida was a month ago we have very similar numbers,” DeWine added.

DeWine said his administration is not ruling out a statewide mask mandate, and that roughly 60% of Ohio’s population already lives in a county where mask-wearing is required in public under Ohio’s new Public Health Advisory System.

“So this week, you may see a lot more counties under that mask requirement. We certainly would not rule out going statewide. We’re certainly looking at that,” DeWine added.

As of Sunday, the Ohio Department of Health reports:

  • 74,932 total cases of COVID-19
  • 9,555 hospitalizations in Ohio
  • 3,174 total deaths
  • 2,315 admissions to intensive care units

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